Quito 2017

“Gen” is the outcome of Irving Ramo’s continuous research through his curiosity for language. In this series, he shows his relevant contact with other disciplines such as anthropology and geometry. He makes use of these tools by integrating them in his study of the technicality of classic oil painting and the freedom of contemporary design aesthetics.

This piece invites the spectator to be part of physical spaces where temporalities are not strictly outlined. There are solid atmospheres, but emptiness can also be experienced. Sunken by inertia, the characters live the transformation of the matrix that contains them, and by acknowledging themselves within it, they experience their natural uniqueness.

Identities as signs: fluctuating and unrepeatable, they take over people’s internal and external space

They shape themselves into glyphs, plane symbols, some with zoomorphic characteristics, and others seem to be constructed in a time far from the present. “Gen” derives from employing a symbiosis of color study, geometry and morphology. Nevertheless, it also portrays the invisible: the power of heritage, communication, and the prevalence of an eternally fluctuating energetic web.